Ep.13 – Michael Cloherty

Episode 13! Lucky 13, is about Malden Native Michael J. Cloherty’s incredible amount of research on the “rich and famous” Converse Family of Malden and the Murder At The Malden Bank in 1863 in his Book called “Abel Bodied”!

In this episode, Michael talks about being an author and how he comes up with interesting ideas to complete his task at hand. Michael is finishing up the final touches on his second Book and is also in discussion with another Paul Ponders podcast guest, “Mystic Side Opera Company” of Malden.

In his spare time (LOL), Michael is an Editor for Fox 25 TV News and is also an Emmy Award Winner from a past film.

Enjoy the pod but please check out the Book, “Abel Bodied”.

Michael Cloherty website – https://michaelcloherty.com/about/

Thank you!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/jlET36ZBKkg
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