Ep.16 – On the Road Once Again

This is another exciting episode that just flies by with this truly local, Massachusetts Native! You will soon hear that Rick has never resided outside of Massachusetts but has traveled to all 50 states and several other countries in his role as a Player and Scout for over 30 years!

Guess how many frequent flyer miles Rick has accumulated in his travels!!!!….His recently published Book, “On The Road Once Again: Stories of a Former NBA Player and Scout” continues to receive rave reviews through basketball and local high school, college, and professional basketball circles! This is a quick must read for any basketball fan!

The book is available in hard copy on Amazon and on Kindle. (Rick is giving past PaulPonders Guest/ son-in-law Author Mike Cloherty of “Abel-Bodied” a nice run on book sales!)

YouTube: https://youtu.be/v7Dobt92McM 
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